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Storm Preparedness

NOW is the time to prepare for an emergency situation and/or storm-related outages due to electrical storms, hurricanes/tropical storms and/or winter ice storms.

At OREMC we closely monitor weather conditions so we can be aware of approaching storms, assess our resources and be prepared to restore power as soon as it is safe to do so, and as quickly as possible based on ongoing conditions and the damage sustained to our distribution system.

When a storm is approaching, individuals with ongoing medical needs are advised to contact their providers in advance regarding treatments and related medical supplies needed during a storm emergency.

To help you prepare your family’s emergency preparedness plan, review the information provided on Weathering The Storm which is a guide to stocking up and having all you need to shelter in place or additional information you’ll want to consider in event of an evacuation. To better understand the outage restoration process, read through Powering Up After An Outage which provides a diagram about who gets restored first and why, along with how to report your outage.

Other Resources

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Brantley County Emergency Management: 912-462-7874