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Medically Essential Service

Medically Essential Service Status

OREMC consumer-members who are medically dependent upon electric-powered equipment that must be operated continuously, or as circumstance requires, and specified by a physician should request Medical Essential Service status.

In the event of a planned power outage, OREMC will attempt to provide written or verbal notification of the service interruption.

Should the participant’s bill become delinquent, OREMC will notify the member by phone or in the field, personal contact or with written notification at the residence, 24 hours prior to disconnecting the service.

Participation in this service does not exempt members from paying their bill. It also does not guarantee uninterrupted service or advanced warning of unplanned outages.

Participants are reminded to take precautions and have any backup equipment or power supply they might need in the event of a planned or unplanned outage. OREMC will restore service as soon as feasible but cannot assure any preferential treatment in this process.

To participate, your status as Medical Essential Service must be certified by a physician. The Physician’s Certification form will need to be completed annually to continue enrollment.


1. Download and complete the Physician Certification form listed below.

OREMC Medically Essential Service Certification 


2. Return to OREMC by email or regular mail.

Via email to:

Mail to: Attention OREMC Member Services, PO Box 602, Nahunta, GA 31553

Drop off at our Nahunta or Kingsland offices in Georgia or our Hilliard office in Florida.