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Outdoor Lighting

Okefenoke REMC’s Outdoor Lighting program now features LED technology for all new installations.

LED outdoor lights are more environmentally friendly, energy-efficient and provide a brighter, whiter light to enhance the comfort and safety of your residential or commercial property. LEDs have become the cost-effective industry standard in the lighting industry as they provide longer life, have less needed repairs, cost less to run and reduce the amount of “lost light” because of directed light patterns to optimize security.

OREMC will install and maintain your lights based on styles available in our product gallery detailed on the information sheets below. The Engineering Department will help you select the right style, lamp, location and light pattern to meet your specific needs and provide maximum protection.


Outdoor lighting

Residential Outdoor Lighting

  Area Lighting

  Decorative Lighting

If you are interested in more information or scheduling an installation please call 800-262-5131, option 4. If you have an existing outdoor light that is malfunctioning or in need of repair or replacement, please let us know.