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Rooftop Solar

OREMC supports consumer-members who choose to install renewable energy systems.

If you are considering rooftop solar or a yard array at your home, the links below provide you OREMC policies, procedures and application for interconnecting your rooftop solar or other distributed generation technologies to the OREMC distribution system. Your installer or electrical contractor is required to contact OREMC in advance of installation to ensure proper interconnection design and authorization.

How much solar do you need?

Use our solar assessment tool to calculate estimated costs and savings should you decide to install solar, and learn how those costs compare to your current OREMC usage and billing. The results will be helpful in discussing sizing options and potential savings with your solar installer.

Calculate Your Solar Needs

Download Rooftop Solar Documents

The pdf file includes all distributed generation documents as well as the step by step procedure. Adobe PDF Reader or a pdf-supported browser is required.

  Download Rooftop Solar Documents

Printed copies of all materials are available at any one of OREMC’s office locations. Or, you may contact our Member Service Representatives for assistance at 800-262-5131 or via email at


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