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PrePay Service Agreement

To opt-in to a PrePay service agreement, please submit the following form including a scanned copy of your photo ID. 

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The applicant(s) (you) hereby apply for Okefenoke Rural Electric Membership Corporation’s (OREMC) PrePay Program. Any additional accounts or transfer of services under this membership may be enrolled into Prepay Billing and will be governed by the rules and guidelines as stated in this agreement. This agreement will remain in effect for a period of 60 days after the date that the last prepay account under this membership is closed.

Availability of PrePay Program
OREMC offers the PrePay Program as an alternative to traditional utility billing. Not all locations have metering equipment compatible with the PrePay program. Before PrePay service is established, you must pay a $25.00 membership fee (if not already a member of OREMC), a $35.00 Connection-Transfer Fee, and the $50.00 PrePay Advance Credit Minimum (toward electric usage) as specified in Policy 409 as well as any other amounts owed or fees owed to OREMC.

Accessing and Monitoring Account Information
OREMC will not mail a bill. OREMC will make available methods for you to access your account information. At the website, you will be able to monitor your account, including daily usage and account balance, and make changes to your personal contact settings. Automated account information is available through our toll-free number. OREMC will make available several types of automated alerts concerning the status of the account. These notifications will be available through several communication methods. All types of alerts may not be available through all types of communication. You will select and maintain the desired alert types and communication methods from those available to you. Maintaining current contact information for any and all notifications available with the PrePay Program is your responsibility.

Each day, the PrePay system calculates an estimated amount for the previous day’s energy usage based on the actual meter reading, if available. It prorates all monthly charges (including Base Charge, Outdoor Lights, and/or applicable pole charges) into daily amounts and estimates taxes due for all charges. The daily charges are deducted from your available account balance each day. Each month the account will be adjusted to true up the daily billings to the actual charges and applicable taxes that would be charged as if the entire month was billed under traditional billing. PrePay accounts do not receive paper statements (bills).

Terms of Payment
Payment for service shall be made in advance. Neither the credit balance nor any portion thereof will be refunded while this account remains open. When the value of service, fees and other amounts owed OREMC equals the value of advance payments, service will be subject to disconnection. If you owe OREMC for service previously provided, OREMC, solely at its option, may allow you to pay the indebtedness or a portion of the indebtedness by deducting a portion or all of the indebtedness as a percentage of each payment made thereafter until the indebtedness is paid in full.
Accounts enrolled in the PrePay Program are not eligible for payment arrangements or extensions of credit.

You must choose a payment method that will ensure that OREMC receives your payment in a timely manner that ensures that your account maintains a credit balance. An agency voucher/commitment WILL NOT prevent disconnection of service unless the agency is on the list of ‘Agency Vouchers Qualifying for Immediate Credit’.

Disconnection for Failure to Maintain Credit Balance
When the value of service, fees and other amounts owed OREMC equals the value of advance payments, service is subject to disconnection. Any fees or amounts owed to OREMC (such as, but not limited to, Check Return Fees or unpaid balances on other accounts) are due immediately when debited to this account. Any unpaid fees or amounts owed to OREMC may cause your account to have a debit balance and be subject to disconnection.
     Low balance notifications are sent when your account falls below the balance threshold you select. If disconnection of service occurs because of failure to maintain a credit balance, sufficient payment to pay any amounts owed to OREMC and establish a minimum credit balance of $50.00 (PrePay Advance Credit Minimum) must be paid before service is restored.
     Service disconnection may occur if a credit balance is not maintained on the account at all times. The responsibility to monitor the account and maintain a credit balance in order to prevent disconnection lies solely with the applicant(s).
      The prorated Basic Facility Charge of OREMC’s applicable rate and any other prorated monthly fees are due for each day the prepay account is open regardless of whether service is connected or disconnected. These charges will continue to accumulate to your account balance and will be deducted from your next advance payment.

Converting from PrePay Billing to Traditional Billing
Accounts enrolled in the PrePay Program may convert to traditional utility billing at any time after 90 (ninety) days of active billing in the program. Based on policies in effect at that time, you may be required to pay a deposit.

Closing a PrePay Account
The Prepay account will be closed when you request disconnection of electric service, when you request a transfer to a location not compatible with the PrePay Program or when the service remains disconnected for twenty continuous days because of a debit account balance. When the PrePay account is closed, the membership fee will be credited to the account. Any credit balance remaining on the account will first be applied to any other amounts owed to OREMC. Any remaining balance will then be refunded to you. You must pay any debit balance owed. The PrePay Program does not release you from the responsibility to pay any amounts owed to OREMC.
      RECONNECTION OF SERVICE FOLLOWING DISCONNECTION FOR FAILURE TO MAINTAIN A CREDIT BALANCE WILL BE PROCESSED BY AN AUTOMATED SYSTEM AND MAY OCCUR IMMEDIATELY OR AT ANY TIME WITHOUT ANY PRIOR NOTIFICATION TO YOU—the same as if power was out due to a widespread power outage. Reconnection may occur as a result of a transaction(s) to my (our) account that causes it to equal or exceed the PrePay Minimum Credit Balance. I (We), the applicant(s), assume full liability for any property damage or injury that may occur during or as a result of the automated reconnect process which is initiated as a result of any transaction(s) that occur to my (our) account.

I (We), the applicant(s), have completely read and understand the above information.