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Joe Loomis Joins OREMC Board of Directors

January 4th, 2021

Local businessman Joe Loomis has been appointed to the Okefenoke REMC Board of Directors to fill a vacancy left by an unfulfilled term for the District 8, Glynn County seat. Loomis and his wife, Amanda, are OREMC consumer-members residing in Brunswick. They own Sonny’s BBQ in Kingsland, as well as Hometown Feed & Seed in Kingsland and Brunswick Feed & Seed in Sterling.

Originally from Florida, Loomis grew up in the restaurant business, as his parents owned one. He wanted to go a different direction and worked at Coca-Cola for 18 years, becoming district sales manager before moving to Southeast Georgia. His sister owned Sonny’s BBQ in Brunswick and thought he might be interested in purchasing the one in Kingsland that was up for sale. That was 23 years ago.

Loomis recalls his first interaction with OREMC was catering holiday meals at the Hilliard, Florida, office. He became a consumer-member himself when he rented a house while building one in Woodbine. Needing more space for their horses, they later moved and built their current home in Brunswick. Both he and Amanda grew up riding horses and passed the love on to their daughter, Haley, who barrel races. In addition to the restaurant and the running the show circuit, the family’s horses needed tending to daily. The feed and seed stores where born out of necessity, as Loomis struggled to find enough supply to keep his horses fed.

“With both the restaurant and the feed stores I’ve learned a lot along the way about budgeting, minimizing waste, safety and operational efficiencies,” notes Loomis. While he admits he has some things to learn about the cooperative form of business, he is looking forward to applying his broad business experience to his new role as an OREMC Board Director.

Being Loomis is involved in the community from different perspectives, is what prompted OREMC Board Director Cristi Koncz to reach out to Loomis regarding the vacant seat. Expanding OREMC’s community connections enables the co-op to better serve its consumer-members overall.

Joe Loomis Joins OREMC Board of Directors

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