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Financial Assistance Available to OREMC Consumer-Members

December 8th, 2020
Are you having trouble paying your OREMC bill? There are a number of agencies that offer assistance to OREMC consumer-members experiencing a financial hardship. The complete list has recently been updated with links and phone numbers and can be found on our Energy Assistance page.
For consumer-members living in Camden or Glynn counties, we suggest first calling The Salvation Army. 
Camden County Salvation Army call between
9:30-11:30 a.m.                          912-882-6658
Glynn County Salvation Army choose
Option 1/Social Services           912-265-9381
When you call, state that you are an OREMC/Okefenoke REMC consumer-member. Information they will need from you includes:
• State Issued ID
• Social Security Cards or Birth Certificates for everyone in the house
• An OREMC billing statement showing your account number and has your name and address on it
• A few forms you must fill out as well in order to complete the process.

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