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Cooperative Solar vs. Rooftop Solar

Cooperative Solar vs. Rooftop Solar

 Considering solar energy for your home? You have a few options, including OREMC’s Cooperative Solar Program, or a rooftop solar install, or both.

 Cooperative Solar allows you to benefit from solar energy by subscribing to an OREMC-owned solar arrays located in the most ideal conditions for solar energy production. OREMC takes on the risk of ownership and maintenance, while you receive your share of the sun without the hassle. Rooftop Solar allows you to generate your on solar energy by installing solar panels on your rooftop. There are many important factors to consider—including whether or not your insurance company will provide homeowners insurance if rooftop solar is installed— to ensure that a rooftop solar system is designed to meet your needs, goals and financial objectives

The chart below compares the differences.


















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