Project Share
Project Share has helped 1 Million Georgians

 Project SHARE, administered by The Salvation Army, is funded by electric utility customers who donate through their monthly electric bills. Contributions are forwarded to The Salvation Army and allocated for assistance in the county where the donation was made. For example, if you live in Charlton County, your donation will go to someone who needs assistance in Charlton County. Project SHARE is a Georgia-based organization, but donations made by OREMC members in Nassau and Baker counties in Florida are forwarded to service agencies in the county where the donation originated and distributed there. Clients in need apply for Project SHARE assistance at the Salvation Army office in their county. In those counties where the Salvation Army does not maintain offices, SHARE requests are processed by approved social service agencies.

Many OREMC members have already become a part of Project SHARE’s network of Others who are not currently contributing to Project SHARE but who would like to can do so by pledging to contribute $1, $2, $5 or more each month. To enroll in Project SHARE simply add the amount that you would like to pledge to your bill and make your check out for the total amount. Please write the word “SHARE” on your bill stub and you will be enrolled in the program and the amount that you designated will be automatically added to your utility bill each month until you notify us to discontinue your Share participation. Or you may make a one-time contribution to Project Share anytime during the year. Please be sure and make a note that you are making a one-time donation on your bill stub when you make your payment. You may also make out a separate check to “Project SHARE” in the amount of your donation. Your generosity will be greatly appreciated.

The added expenses of heating bills and warmer winter clothing will mean that some families won’t be able to prepare a bountiful holiday feast. They won’t be able to trim a Christmas tree or wrap gifts for all the little boys and girls. But by making a one-time donation or designating a specific amount to be added to our electric bill each month, we can provide the basic necessities that will make someone’s holiday brighter. If you have any questions about Project SHARE, please contact one of our customer service representatives at 1-800-262-5131 or by email.


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